Our Story

  Organic ~ Nourishing ~ Delicious  

We are a family owned business with a focus on Health, Well-being, and Community.  We're based in Minneapolis, MN, the City of Lakes.


We started making these incredibly delicious macaroons for our family years ago when we started noticing that we were having sensitivities to many of the foods we had been eating.  Frustrated at the lack of options available, Kuzala Organics was born.  It all started with chocolate and over the years has grown to include the 9 flavors that we currently offer.


Every single ingredient has been carefully selected for its nourishing, nutrient-dense qualities, from the fabulous fats and fiber in the coconut to the nutrient and mineral rich maple syrup and pink Himalayan Salt.  Every ingredient contributes to a healthier you!


It’s also important to us that our ingredients are sourced responsibly, which means prioritizing Organic, Sustainably Grown, and Fair Trade ingredients.